More than pho: 5 dishes every Hanoi visitor — Trump included — needs to try

Hanoi (CNN) — With US President Donald Trump visiting Hanoi to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un this week, the world’s gaze is now on the capital of Vietnam. Though it’s highly unlikely the pair will be hitting the streets for any meals, it’d be a shame it they didn’t take the time to sample at least a bit of the local cuisine. (Should Trump find himself craving some “great American food,” however, there’s a McDonald’s near Hoan Kiem Lake — the fast food chain’s first Hanoi branch.) After all, when former President Barack Obama traveled to Hanoi in 2016, he famously joined the late Anthony Bourdain for a meal of bun cha, a beloved local specialty made up of bits of marinated, charcoal-grilled pork patties and pork slices in a dipping sauce with rice noodles and herb garnishes. And then of course there’s the world-famous pho. Made with rice noodles, this beef noodle soup is a must-try on the streets of Hanoi — not to mention readily available overseas. But there’s much more to the city’s diverse food scene.

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